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Service and support

Consumer service is the mechanism that customers at Woolly Bear can use to manage their needs for the products and services are bought or provided. Consumer service also handles information about the return, repair and maintenance.

Woolly Bear also:

  • Actively take measures to prevent complaints by offering consumers, including those who buy products through distance selling, the option to return products within a specified time or they will be indemnified by other appropriate means.
  • Monitoring of complaints and improving working practices to respond to complaints.
  • Guarantees that exceed the periods guaranteed by law and fits the product’s expected life better.
  • Clear information to consumers about how they can access the service after delivery and support as well as dispute resolution and redress mechanisms.
  • Effective support and advisory system.
  • Repairs to prolong the lifespan of the products.
  • Dispute resolution, conflict resolution and redress procedures that are based on national or international standards, which are free or at minimal cost to consumers, which does not require the consumer waives its right to seek legal redress.

The protection of the consumers’ personal data and privacy are important to Woolly Bear when we are working with personal log-ins to simplify and increase the transparency for our customers. The company works to ensure consumers’ right to privacy by limiting the type of information collected and how that information is made available, used and kept secure. Take a closer look at our privacy policy for further information.