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For our customers to have the opportunity to do as conscious choices as possible, the company is working with several elements together with making information available. The aim of consumer education is not only to transfer knowledge, but also to strengthen our consumers to act on this knowledge. This includes developing the ability to make assessments of products and services and to make comparisons. The aim is also to raise awareness of what their consumption choices have for impacts on others and on sustainable development.

Particularly important parts of the work are:

  • Health and safety, including products of hazards.
  • Information about relevant laws and regulations, agencies and organizations for consumer protection and on how the consumer can obtain redress.
  • Labeling of products and information in manuals and instructions.
  • Information on weights and measures, prices, quality, credit conditions and access to good service.
  • Information about the risks of use and the necessary precautions.
  • Protection of the natural environment.
  • Efficient use of materials, energy and water.
  • Sustainable consumption.
  • Proper handling of packaging waste and products.