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Methods of operation

Woolly Bear know that fair and just competition stimulates innovation and efficiency. It can also, when the aim is right, create jobs and improve the conditions for both products and workers. This gives the organizations more equal opportunities, encourages the development of new and improved products or processes, which in turn can contribute to the long term development of the economy and especially the textile industry to make it sustainable.

Woolly Bear is working hard on these issues through the transparency of our value chains as well as our close cooperation with all our stakeholders. The company is also aware of the social context the organization operates in and will not take advantage of social conditions such as poverty, to achieve unfair competitive advantages. Instead, we see opportunities to strengthen local actors and marginalized groups.

Woolly Bear strive to:

  • Conduct their activities in a manner that is consistent with competition laws and regulations and cooperate with the competent authorities.
  • Follow the procedures and safeguards to prevent complicity or participation in anti-competitive activities.
  • Inform all employees about the importance of compliance with competition legislation and fair competition.
  • Support workers to combat cartels and dumping, as well as supporting political orientation that favors equality and sustainability.
  • Work towards giving preference to local suppliers of products and services and contribute to development of local suppliers where possible.
  • Work towards initiatives to strengthen the capacity and opportunities for locally based suppliers.
  • Contribute positive to the value chain, with particular regard to local communities disadvantaged.