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Legal considerations and norms of behavior

Woolly Bear will always respect the rule of law where the we have operations, as well as through the entire value chain for the products. This is to counter the arbitrary exercise of power. Action must be taken based on the governmental rules and applicable principles should be followed.

Woolly Bear will:

  • Keep updated of legal obligations and regularly monitor the company’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • In cases where law or international norms of behavior falls below our requirements,  the companys requirements should always be governing.
  • In countries where the law or its implementation is contrary to international norms of behavior or the company’s own requirements, Woolly Bear will evaluate whether it is sustainable to have activities or conduct business there.
  • Woolly Bear will actively work with legitimate measures to influence relevant organizations and authorities to remedy and improve substandard situations.
  • Identify the risks of corruption and implement and maintain policies and practices that discourage corruption and extortion.
  • Supporting and training the organization’s employees and representatives in activities against bribery and corruption, and provide incentives for progress.
  • Raise awareness of the corruption of the organization’s employees and representatives, contractors and suppliers and how corruption can be prevented.
  • Ensure that compensation to the organization’s employees and representatives is appropriate and given only for legitimate services.
  • Encourage the companies employees, partners, representatives and suppliers to report violations of the organization’s policies and unethical and unfair behavior by creating systems for reporting and follow-up activities without fear of reprisals.
  • Report offenses to the authorities concerned.
  • Encourage others that the organization has relationships to adopt similar anti-corruption measures.