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Ethical guidelines

Woolly Bear strive to behave ethically. This is done through a behavior based on the values of honesty, fairness and integrity. Important values involves a concern for people, animals and the environment and a commitment to take into account the needs of stakeholders.

The company promotes ethical behaviour by:

  • Identifying and communicating our values and principles.
  • Developing and using governance structures that support ethical behavior within the organization, decision-making and in collaboration with others.
  • Identify, adopt and implement guidelines for ethical behavior that fits our purpose and activities that also is consistent with international standards and are continuously updated.
  • Use good business practices in our dealings with other organizations, partners, suppliers, contractors, competitors and government agencies.
  • Encourage and promote respect for our guidelines for ethical behavior throughout tour value chains.
  • Preventing or resolving conflicts of interest in the organization that could otherwise lead to unethical behavior.
  • Maintain and develop procedures to monitor, support and enforce ethical behavior.
  • Implement LCA analysis on all products to identify the need for ethical considerations in value chains.