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Social responsibility

Social responsibility concerns the potential and actual impact an organization’s decisions and activities have. That is why the organization’s daily operations constitute the most important area to manage. Woolly Bear pursues a transparent and ethical behavior that contributes to sustainable development, which follows the law and is consistent with international norms of behavior. It also means that social responsibility is integrated throughout the organization, it is practiced in the organization’s relationships and the organization takes into account the interests of stakeholders.

Taking social responsibility is a continuous process. Therefore are the impacts of the organization’s decisions and activities identified and addressed continuously when planning new activities. Ongoing activities are also monitored so that the organization can be confident that the social responsibility is still handled, and whether any further areas need to be considered.

Woolly Bear is also aware of the social, environmental, legal, cultural, political and organizational diversity, as well as differences in economic conditions. The company therefore adapt their operations along those conditions, while being careful to follow international norms of behavior and the company’s own high standards.