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Prevention of pollutors

Woolly Bear strives to have as low impact as possible and reduce our impact and pollutors to the very minimum. We are under the process of developing our environmental impact assessment tools that assess environmental impacts before starting a new action or a new project and use the results of this assessment as part of the decision-making process.

We will:

  • Measure, record and report our significant sources of pollution and energy consumption in our business.
  • Implement measures aimed at preventing pollution and waste, using the waste management hierarchy, and minimize unavoidable pollution and waste.
  • Collaborate with local communities on issues of actual and potentially polluting emissions and waste, related health risks, and actual and proposed measures to reduce harm.
  • Implement measures to progressively reduce and minimize direct and indirect pollution, in particular by developing and promoting best practise to the most environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Be fully transparent about the amounts and types of relevant significant toxic and hazardous materials used and released in our processes, including the known human health and environmental risks of these materials during normal operations as well as accidental release.
  • Systematically identify and prevent the use of: banned chemicals defined by national law, the EU SIN-list or specified in international conventions.