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Environmental policy

Woolly Bear will be a company that promotes a better environment and global sustainable development. This compliance by constantly evaluate what we and our partners do in terms of its environmental impact. We also run an active uppmuntrans- and advocacy on consumers to increase awareness of the importance of this work. The goal is to be the market leader in the textile industry in terms of environment and sustainability.

We should therefore:

  • have a high level of knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all of the company
  • influence, make demands and cooperate with other companies, suppliers, agencies and organizations
  • see environmental measures as investment
  • prevention of pollution in air, soil and water by taking into account the environmental impact of what we do and take action
  • constantly strive to improve resource utilization within the company
  • offering products directly and sustainable for humans and the environment
  • comply with applicable laws and other requirements or concerns related to company operations
  • follow the company’s management system


Environmental issues are driven by environmental officer Rikard Ledin. Through the environmental manager increased coordination and integration of the business and with our suppliers. Our environmental work covers all projects and activities related to all activities of the company. In order to eventually achieve harmonization and standardization of our quality work is ongoing integration in connection with our business development. This is based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendations for management.
Through continuous staff meetings, discussions with customers and suppliers, we can help each other to bring forward environmental work throughout the company. The company works with these issues through locally adapted action plans for our various business areas in which improvement areas and goals are established and continuously revised. Environmental work is an integral part of Woolly Bears daily work.