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Organization and regulations


Board of Directors

  • Responsible for the overall management system guidelines.


  • Responsible for achievement
  • Ensure resources management work and efforts.
  • Responsible manager must work with the work within its remit

Sustainability Manager

  • Coordinates the building, maintenance and documentation of the company’s management system and related guidelines.
  • Conduct internal audits.
  • Assisting the employees and management of environmental work according to procedures, policies and sustainability.
  • Assisting partners and suppliers in the company’s value chains with special assignments in sustainability efforts.
  • Offers business training and support sustainability initiatives.
  • The companies contact person regarding environmental issues and preparing the required reports.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with environmental legislation at all levels.
  • Ensures and monitors compliance with the ethical guidelines of the value chains.
  • Assists with or handle the need for specialist knowledge regarding the handling of chemicals.
  • Responsibility for the implementation of green leases when new property.

Textiles Manager / Purchasing Manager

  • Monitor and ensure compliance with environmental legislation at all levels.
  • Ensures environmental work in production processes such as minimization of waste materials
  • Ensures compliance with the ethical guidelines of the value chains.
  • Monitor environmental and sustainability related to sourcing and procurement of materials, goods and services.

Marketing Manager

  • Responsible for communicating the company’s environmental work to customers.
  • Assist the environmental coordinator to develop educational and good material for internal training and support.

Property Manager

  • Responsibility for the implementation of green leases when new property.
  • Ensure that each property meets the internal property rules. (See Annex Building Regulations.)
  • Waste management and documentation of waste and disposal.
  • Monitor environmental and sustainability in connection with the operation and maintenance of facilities.
  • Responsibility for local energy efficiency measures such as green electricity, energy and water consumption.


  • Contributes to the company’s guidelines.
  • Helps in their daily work to the company’s environmental work.
  • Contributes through meetings and direct contact with the environmental coordinator for the development of environmental work.

Meeting Forums

Within Woolly Bear is a meeting forum dedicated to sustainability issues, Sustainability Group Meeting. The meeting is a workshop that aims to coordinate management at the company. The meeting will be a forum to discuss sustainability goals, action plans and problems and share ideas and monitor the work of the various value chains. The meeting also aims to capture thoughts and ideas that are out there in the business. Environmental group holds meetings twice a year. The participants of the environmental group consist of the sustainability manager, agents, textile and property manager. The sustainability manager is responsible for the meetings that can be both physical meetings as well as remote meetings. The goal is to minimize travel and environmental impact as much as possible when choosing the form of the meeting.

Points that recurs every meeting are:

  • The sustainability goals
  • Improvement suggestions from stakeholders
  • Inquires
  • Evaluation of the work
  • The value chains

External networks

Listed below are the external networks and organizations with a bearing on sustainability issues Woolly Bear participate in, seek advice from or cooperate with.

  • Ekobanken
  • Nature Conservation
  • WWF
  • Amnesty International
  • Eco Fashion

New projects

Consideration of sustainability impacts, both positive and negative, to be taken during the preparation phase for each new project and be part of the decision to start the project. The effects that can be identified will be communicated to the sustainability manager to further develop the management of the business.
Sourcing and Procurement

Within Woolly Bear, all contracts and call-offs contain requirements. Today this is done in dialogue between the procurement manager and environmental manager.

Laws and Regulations

In addition to the management system, laws and regulations affect the company’s operations. Laws and regulations applicable to Woolly Bears operations are summarized in Annex “Laws and Regulations”. The compilation has been made of the sustainability manager who also revise and update the team chart twice per year. Information on possible changes in the legislation that involves a change of the company to be associated with the update currently made to the concerned within the company. Verification of compliance with legislation is ongoing in connection with updating sessions. The result is documented in the team chart, column “control compliance with the law.”